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Live Model Books Announces Art Models Ultra: Becca

Salem, NH, USA – Tuesday November 3, 2009

Live Model Books has released the first of its “Ultra” royalty-free photographic nude figure collections on DVD, the 5th title in the Art Models series, designed to meet the need of artists, game and film creators for the highest quality reference images.

Developed by the renowned figure reference publisher, Live Model Books, Art Models Ultra: Becca features the naturally red-haired model Becca in a comprehensive nude female figure study. Becca models a set of postures useful to both digital and traditional artists such as universal emotions and common phonemes (shapes made by the mouth when making basic sounds) photographed from 9 principal angles including 0, 45, and 90 degrees and from straight-on, above and below.

In addition, full poses showing the entire body are photographed in 360-degrees producing a complete view of Becca in a variety of everyday and action poses both clothed and nude. A variety of head, hand, foot, and eyes positions show basic structure in common movements (excellent for building a wireframe mesh) and also extraordinary surface texture detail (perfect for skinning/texturing) which can be used as modeling reference for any project.

Postures and camera angles were all carefully selected for their value in film and game development but will also benefit demanding figure artists or anyone who needs a quality nude figure reference. Close-ups from head to foot, front and back, plus extreme close-ups of the face, eyes and mouth provide exceptional detail. Hand postures such as grasping, pointing, holding, and many others, were photographed from multiple angles to show around the hand in those positions. Poses photographed both nude and clothed demonstrate how clothing drapes on the figure. Photos of the clothing, taken separately, are included on the DVD.

All photos are provided as “Maximum Quality” JPG images which have been individually edited by hand for the highest fidelity while eliminating minor surface imperfections. The Ultra DVD photographic set is ideal for digital artists who are creating high-resolution texture maps and matte paintings for film or game productions and for traditional artists who want a comprehensive view of a female figure.

The DVD is available from Live Model Books’ pose reference site at

Publication Details:
  • * Title: Art Models Ultra: Becca
  • * ISBN: 9780981624990
  • * $49.99 (USD).
  • * 800+ high-resolution photos
  • * Royalty-free
  • * 21-megapixel source resolution
  • * Every image provided in “Maximum Quality” jpg format
  • * PC and Mac compatible DVD

About Live Model Books LLC

Live Model Books is a leading independent publisher of books and digital reference material for professional and novice artists who work with the human figure. Dedicated to publications of the highest quality for figurative artists worldwide, Live Model Books sets the standard in boutique art publishing. Live Model Books LLC is based in New Hampshire, USA.

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