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High Quality Photos of the Human Figure.


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Why Art Models

By providing quality figure studies in print and e-book form, Art Models encourages artists to practice and work with a compelling subject they will return to again and again. As a result, your customers will return to you for paint, canvas, clay and other supplies as they practice this challenging subject. The Art Models line is a trusted resource for figurative artists and is available in a variety of prices and formats to match any budget.


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“A superb addition to any artist’s library.” – Dr. David Haack, OFM Assistant Professor of Visual Arts, SBU

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Print Books
Quantity Title Pages SKU List $ Reseller Size  
Art Models Softcover 160 97809764573-2-9 24.95 $12.47 8.5x11x.5 1 lb 3 oz
Art Models Softcover with disk 160 97809764573-3-6 34.95 $17.47 8.5x11x.5 1 lb 5 oz
Art Models 2 Hardcover 128 97809764573-7-7 24.95 $12.47 8.5x10.75x.5 1 lb 9 oz
Art Models 2 Hardcover with disk 128 97809764573-8-5 34.95 $17.47 8.5x10.75x.5 1 lb 9 oz
Art Models 3 Hardcover with disk 128 97809764573-9-8 34.95 $17.47 8.5x10.75x.5 1 lb 10 oz
Art Models 4 Hardcover with disk 128 97809816249-3-8 34.95 $17.47 8.5x10.75x.5 1 lb 10 oz
e-Books in a DVD-style case
Quantity Title Pages SKU List $ Reseller Size  
Art Models Companion Disk n/a 97809764573-6-7 19.95 $9.97 5.5x7.5x.625 4 oz
Art Models 2 Companion Disk n/a 97809816249-0-7 19.95 $9.97 5.5x7.5x.625 4 oz
Art Models 3 Companion Disk n/a 97809816249-1-4 19.95 $9.97 5.5x7.5x.625 4 oz
Art Models 4 Companion Disk n/a 97809816249-2-1 19.95 $9.97 5.5x7.5x.625 4 oz
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Live Model Books specializes in high quality photos designed specifically for figurative artists. This site provides carefully planned and executed photos designed specifically for people who work with the human figure. Our "Art Models" collections are available in Books, Disks and instant access Downloads.