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About Live Model Books

Live Model Books serves artists, illustrators, and anyone who needs a human figure reference with high-quality full-color photos of the figure in 360-degree rotation. Our books, disks, and downloads make it easy for artists to get just the pose they want, exactly when they want it and at an affordable price.

Through our Art Models project, we seek to help people further their understanding of the human form by providing quality reference material that can be studied at length and in close-up detail.

One of the ways we do that is through the use of lighting, studio space and camera settings designed to create images of the human form that comes as close as possible to what you would see if you were standing in the studio with the models. Another is by providing a variety of formats that make the images both affordable and convenient—no matter how you choose to work.

The human figure is a challenging subject.  It is a complex form of light and shadow, with subtle variations in color and texture, possessing both complex angles and smooth curves and all interacting in an endless variety of configurations. For many people, learning the figure is complicated by social taboos that make it difficult to find nude art models to study. This fact makes an already challenging subject even more difficult and is the problem that we wish to solve. As a result, we hope to encourage more and better figurative art.

Where to start!


Free Session Download

We’re doing a promotion for the new book. Buy it on the release date, April 7, and get a Session Download free! Email us your receipt (admin  the@symbol and you’ll get your choice of Session Download (under $25) from this website. Limit 1 per person. We’ll also honor any purchase before April 7. 03/24/2015

New Star Sessions

Uploaded the first Star Sessions. A mix of ordinary activities and some more traditional art poses. The poses have been done for a while but we overlooked uploading the Sessions. A thank you to the customer who requested them! 03/24/2015

New Bailey Session

All the poses from the Bailey bodybuilder Photo Shoot are now up in a Session Download. The photos are largely unedited, straight from RAW camera photos through developing to finished photos. Even though we usually do only a light editing to remove transient blemishes, no editing at all has been requested several times by people who want natural skin textures, imperfections and all. 03/10/2015

Checkout the Kickstarter for Movement & Form by Disney Animator and top animation instructor Samantha Youssef! We're excited in part because Samantha directed a Photoshoot with us and IrinaV (Session 6B), which will be used in the book. We get no compensation from her, we just think it will be an amazing project.

New Kerri Sessions

All the poses from the Kerri Photoshoot are now up in 2 Session Downloads. The Kerri photos are largely unedited, straight from RAW camera photos through developing to finished photos. 02/24/2015

A professional Ballerina directed by a Disney Animator

These two sessions have all the poses from the photo shoot directed by Samantha Youssef of Studio Technique. They are divided into two groups. The poses selected by IriniaV and the Art Models team and one for the poses selected by Samantha. Many of the poses directed by Samantha focus on body mechanics that are relevant to learning animation and some of those will be featured in her upcoming book "Movement & Form." 01/19/2015

New Special Sessions Available

Recently posed on Facebook about which poses seem to be the most popular based on downloads per day. Someone asked if we had plans to bundle those top poses into a special package. Sounded like a good idea, so here they are. We did one for males and one for females. We chose them based on poses that had been available at least a year as of 12/31/2014 and ordered by number of times they are downloaded per day. We omitted a few poses, such as ones that were repeats of the same posture by different models. 01/04/2015

New Mobile Friendly Site!

The Beta version of our mobile-friendly Art Models website,, is now live. It's a Beta, so things might break—please let us know. Now you can view your Library photos without having to download and open a .zip file, just use your login from You can also search the whole Art Models catalog and buy and use Pose Credits. It works on a variety of screen sizes and devices. Hopefully, we can get a lot of people trying it out, so please pass this on to anyone you know who might be interested. Thanks! 12/23/2014

New CatH Sessions Available

CatH poses are now available in Session Downloads. One download contains a dressing sequence, plus details, and close-ups. The other has more conventional poses.
See all the poses at the Session Downloads page. 12/23/2014

New AveryA Sessions Available

The Avery session had lots of close-ups and portrait style photos for painting and drawing, which has been a frequent request. Since people were asking, we did those as soon as we had a model back in the studio. Those were combined into one Session Download, while the more conventional sets with 24-point rotations of the full figure were put together into another Session. That one contains a mix of "posed" poses, casual, and some more painterly poses.
See all the poses at the Session Downloads page. 11/18/2014

Movement & Form

Samantha is posting information about her book project, which will use photos from the session she directed with IrinaV. It sounds great. Very exciting! 11/9/2014

In the Studio with Samantha Youssef

Recently, we had the honor of working with Samantha Youssef of Studio Technique . Her credits include Lilo & Stitch 2, Bambi II, and Tarzan II. She is an accomplished artist and animator who has been invited by top studios and universities around the world to teach master classes to their top artists. She planned and directed a shoot with IrinaV, a formally trained ballerina. Samantha is also trained in ballet. With the two of them speaking a common language, combined with Samantha's knowledge of exactly what would make a great art reference, the shoot went beautifully!
See the poses she planned and directed as they are developed in the Pose Tool. 10/3/2014

New JohnyG Sessions Available

People have been asking for more male model poses in general and for JohnyG sessions in particular. Here they are, all three parts of his first session. We tried to do a variety of poses, from classical to modern, everyday and more unusual. The photos were taken about a year ago and are finally finished editing. 9/23/2014

Updated Art Models iPad app Available

We've created an app for iPad to make it easier (we hope) to access and view the Art Models photos when using an iPad. Try it here. Photos now loop around from first to last and last to first when swiping through views in the Library. Much better than having to swipe through all the photos to get back to the beginning. Also, a number of small improvements made and a bug fix. 8/28/2014

New GingerYoga Sessions Available

These are sets of Yoga based poses photographed in rotation as each posture is held. They are the same poses Ginger did in the video series. Ginger is not a yoga professional, so it's not meant to be a teaching aid, but rather a series of reference photos of an average body in yoga postures.
See the poses at the Session Downloads page. 8/1/2014

New DanM Sessions Available

Both halves of DanM's second session are now available. DanM excels at dynamic poses, like this sample, but we also mixed in some ordinary everyday activities (drinking coffee, writing on a notepad). Many poses were inspired by Joseph Sheppard's Drawing the Living Figure. Take a look at the Session Downloads page. 7/30/2014

New Art Models iPad app Available!

We've created an app for iPad to make it easier (we hope) to access and view the Art Models photos when using an iPad. Try it here.
  • Search the entire catalog of Art Models poses anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Keep track of your favorites.
  • Download and view complete poses from your library right on your iPad.
  • Zoom and pan the high-res photos.
  • Add poses to your library using Pose Credits.
  • Unclothed poses are hidden by default as a parental control. Log in using your existing website username to show them.
  • Once viewed, photos are cached for fast viewing without re-downloading.
It is version 1.1, so it may have a few bugs, but please give it a try and let us know what you think by replying to this email.

Figurative Art Starts with the Artist's Model.

Click image to restart. Painting with nude art models overlayed.
Several Poses can be combined into a larger composition as shown in this 19th century painting by Winterhalter. Click the painting to restart the animation. From technical drawing like Da'Vinci's Vitruvian Man to exquisitely beautiful painting like Winterhalter's Florinda, figurative art starts with the artist's model.
click image to restart Art Models' Jesse in the Vitruvian Man pose
parchment photo by Luc Viatour

This pose: "Jenni051" shown at 1/7th size.   See a full size sample.
Click a number to
change the viewing angle:

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